RHE Solar, is a small company that aims to bring better quality solar lighting to villages in rural India, They needed a website to help promote their products. We did our best to help them get their message across by designing a really simple site to show their three products. Their main focus was the build quality of their products which we showcased by focusing the site on large images.


After a short conversation with the client we realized that the site would have only three products so we made this the primary navigation and focused on the photography to convey the quality of the products.

HTML5 Thinking

We put a lot of modern HTML5 thinking into the design of the site. To begin, the entire site loads onto a single page while still maintaining the functionality of the browser back button. More than that we used simple animations to help keep the flow of the content. Rollover the image to see the animation.

Contact Information

Instead of taking a whole page for the contact information we decided to put up a small sheet that pops up with all the information. The text is selectable and easy to copy.